MEDA301: LIFT 06.

Now that the filming is finished, the final step of the project is post production which include video and audio … More

MEDA301: LIFT 05.

This week, we decided to hit the studio to film our final version of the project. Aiming our focus on … More

MEDA301: LIFT 04.

This time, we dicided to go deeper into the bilingual experience by having one of the speakers speak Vietnamese while … More

MEDA301: LIFT 03.

This week, we experiemented more with the delayed audio while changing to a more appealing visual presentation. This time, we … More

MEDA301: LIFT 02.

The next step of the project is to invoke feelings in the viewers’ sub-consciousness, which is not an easy thing … More

MEDA301: LIFT 01.

After consulting with one of my instructors, I have decided to do a collaboration with @alexxphm since we share the … More